Video Podcasts Are Coming To Spotify- Are We Back To YouTube?

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What goes around surely does come around. After a period of testing video podcasts with a few creators, Spotify is rolling the service out to more markets. Video can be uploaded through Anchor, the podcast creation tool owned by Spotify since 2019. Far from it being a novel offering on the platform, this new feature makes it just another YouTube, but with a green icon. No?

Video Podcasts On Spotify

Currently, only creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can upload video podcasts to Spotify. However, with continued interest from other creators, which I predict is a given, the service should be available in all markets. For podcasts that have previously offered video versions that weren’t available on Spotify, creators can use Anchor can to bulk-replace existing audio episodes with video versions.

A very large number of video podcast creators (including myself), have video versions of their Spotify Podcasts on YouTube. With more than 400 million monthly listeners on the platform, who wouldn’t want to get that extra audience on their video content?

Are We Back To YouTube?

Through Anchor, podcasters can record remotely and distribute their content easily. Now, is integrating with Riverside, a podcast and video recording service that helps improve the quality of content captured remotely. This ultimately means more creators will be encouraged to create video content, if they have not been.

So are we back to YouTube? Maybe soon. Spotify has been really good at offering artists a platform away from the stress of complicated record label deals, plus other useful tools. Canvas for example, is a feature that allows artists to create and feature their own looping visuals in the “Now Playing” view. Previously, they have experimented with special exclusive videos for some musicians.

Eventually, it is possible more creators, other than podcasters, will be able to upload video content. But I wonder, priority-wise, shouldn’t they give me that Hi-Fi first?

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