Safaricom Provides Link To Update and Register Your Details


It’s deadline day and Safaricom has made the bold decision to provide a link to register and update your SIM card details.

After weeks of back and forth with Kenyans over registration details, Safaricom has finally provide this link to use Safaricom has finally provide this link to use when uploading your details. Bit why?

Safaricom Asking You To Register/Update Your SIM Registration Details

Normally, this would have anyone wondering what it means. It also begs the question of why do Safaricom need to update information that they already have. However, it looks like the update is a process that goes beyond Safaricom as it is a requirement from the industry’s regulator.

A source close to Safaricom told Gadgets Africa, this is actually a process led by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA). Essentially, Safaricom wants to make sure that all lines are connected to the right person.


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“All mobile operators are verifying that all customers have required registration documents attached to all their lines. As part of the process, some customers will be contacted to visit any of our registration points as stated with their ID to confirm their registered lines.” the source told Gadgets Africa.

When you register with the link you provide all the details:

  • Number
  • ID photo
  • Your Photo

What Happens When You Register At An Agent

I got the same message and during my visit they

  • Showed me how many lines are registered under my ID Number
  • Took a picture of my ID
  • Took a picture of me

It’s not clear what will happen if one does not update their details. Either way, it would be in your best interest to visit a Safaricom Shop or do it online today.

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