Airbnb Plans To Provide Accomodation For Up To 100,000 Refugees From Ukraine

Airbnb accomodation Ukraine refugees
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Airbnb’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Chesky announced in a series of tweets on Monday morning that the company is working with its hosts to provide accommodation for up to 100,000 refugees from Ukraine free of charge.

He wrote: “Airbnb and are working with our Hosts to house up to 100,000 refugees fleeing from Ukraine, for free”

Chesky also wrote to the Poland, Germany, Hungary and Romanian governments offering support according to his statement.

We need help to meet this goal. The greatest need we have is for more people who can offer their homes in nearby countries, including Poland, Germany, Hungary and Romania. If you can host a refugee, go here:

Chesky further urged people to donate to Airbnb for the upkeep costs of the efforts.

If you can’t host a refugee, you can still support by donating:

This announcement came as the United Nations earlier said that more than 350,000 Ukrainian refugees have fled the country since Vladimir Putin launched his attack last week. Displacement in Ukraine is constantly growing. The United Nations aid agencies warned that fuel, cash and medical supplies were dwindling in Ukraine which could lead up to 5 million people fleeing the country according to Reuters.

Pope Francis on Sunday made a cal for humanitarian organizations to help refugees leave Ukraine and said those who make war should not think that God is on their side.

Last year, Airbnb helped resettle refugees from the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, providing housing to more than 21,000 people. The company operates in more than 220 countries and regions.



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