Users Can Now Sign Documents In Zoom Meetings

DocuSign Zoom

Earlier in the pandemic with the increase of online meetings, it was an exhausting experience trying to get documents signed. There was no face to face interaction but work had to get done. As much as online meetings are not as frequent with the ease of COVID-19 infection rates, Zoom is making it easier to sign documents during the meetings.

Zoom and DocuSign partnered to make the signing of documents easier and seamless. This new tool essentially lets users sign documents within the Zoom meeting. This eases the signing process and makes the lives of those who work remotely trouble-free.

eSignature for Zoom

The integration eSignature for Zoom, enables organizations to reimagine agreement processes with virtual, face to face signing experiences that accelerate time to an agreement while building trust and loyalty.

In enabling the security protocols, the integration of the two apps allows SMS authentication, which ensures that the data is secure. Another great thing about this integration is that the parties don’t need to have Zoom or DocuSign accounts to sign the documents.

Sign Documents With eSignature for Zoom

With these few simple steps, you can now sign documents in your Zoom meetings.

  • Open Zoom Marketplace.
  • Search for DocuSign.
  • Then, add DocuSign eSignature.
  • You can then, enter a Zoom meeting.
  • Click on the DocuSign button.
  • Select the documents to be signed.
  • Then, select the signer name.
  • Pass the control to the signer(s) and chat through the agreement details.
  • Signer(s) completes all fields and signs.
  • All involved parties are sent a copy of the agreement.

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