This Google App Pays You To Complete Tasks, Available in Kenya


When speaking about online business ideas with people, it is quite common to hear about simple apps where people earn money by completing a set of tasks. Google seems to be taking this approach with the Task Mate app.

Google Task Mate App

Task Mate is an app that lets you take up various tasks and earn money for completing them. Considering they are online and simple, these tasks don’t require a lot of resources. For instance, a task could be as simple as answering survey questions, translating text to your local language or even rating a photo taken by someone else.

According to the tech giant, Task Mate is an app “that provides access to a variety of simple tasks posted by businesses around the world.”

The app’s beta launch was announced at Google for Kenya event last year with some of the executives taking to social media to spread the word as well.

“Task Mate beta launch in Kenya marks the latest milestone in our journey. I’m excited to see how Task Mate can benefit people & businesses here, & how we can make the app even better for our users,” said Agnes Gathaiya, Country Director at Google East Africa said.

It is still not clear how much users get to earn although it does rely heavily on the kind of task one chooses to complete.

To join the beta, you will just have to install the Task Mate app on Google Play Store and tap the button to join a waitlist. This could be easier for the lucky users who happen to have a referral code.

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