How To Fix Your Water Damaged Phone (Hint: It’s Not Rice)

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You have probably heard it before-just dip it in rice. Liquids and water can threaten the functionality of a phone. Some say that the first thing to do with a soaking wet phone is to stuff it in a bowl of uncooked rice. But does it work?

Rice is absorbent, yes, but not as effective as they often tout it. It might get some work done in removing moisture, but can as well be problematic. There is moisture that is deep in the spaces and cracks of a phone that rice cannot get to.

Furthermore, rice can absorb enough water to get stuck in between internal parts of your phone. This presents a new set of problems.

Here is what you should do instead, the next time your phone takes a swim.

How To Fix Your Water Damaged Phone

Power Off

The first instinct when you fetch a phone out of water is to power it up to see if it still works. Don’t. Turn the phone off if the display is still on. If it has a removable battery, get it out as well. Switching it off as soon as possible helps prevent the possibility of a short circuit. You’ll need to remove the SIM and any external SD if you have that.

Dry It

Put that hairdryer and microwave away. Trying to blow-dry your phone or expose it to heat can damage it further. It is not good for your phone’s internal components to be exposed to temperatures of that kind. Blowing air with your mouth might also look normal, but avoid that too. There is a risk of pushing water further into the phone or adding your spit to the mix.

Instead, wipe it down with a dry towel. If possible, get a spot with access to some sunlight. Somewhere close to a window, maybe.

Apply Drying Agent

Do you know those small packets that read ‘DO NOT EAT’? Use those. You can buy these drying agents in a shop and have a couple ready for the eventuality. Drop your phone in a sealed container full of these packets and leave it for 24 hours. The beads of silica gel inside them will absorb water from your phone in a less messy way compared to rice.

Of course, if the phone does not work after this, take it to a technician. Otherwise, just shake up your wallet and get a high-end water-resistant phone.

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