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Viral TikTok Shows How To Screenshot A Snapchat On iPhone Without Notifying Uploader


Most Snapchat users know this by now that taking a screenshot on Snapchat notifies the uploader that another user has taken a screenshot of their Snap. But did you know there’s a way around this? Some Snapchat users have never found a workaround to disable the app’s notification feature. Snapchat has relentlessly removed any alternatives to workaround on this feature. There were even third party apps that claim to suppress screenshot notifications. However, Snapchat was quick to learn their ways and shut them down.

TikTok Video Shows Snapchat Screenshot Trick

A TikTok video surfaced during the last quarter of 2021 showing an iPhone hack that allows Snapchat users to take screenshots without getting caught. This TikTok video submitted by user @leenissaaa was captioned ‘How to Screenshot on Snapchat.’ Although capturing a screenshot on the video-sharing app is similar to taking a screenshot on any other app on your iPhone, the video demonstrated a hack to avoid telling the person on the other end.

Take a Screenshot Without Notifying The Uploader

The TikTok video started by the user opening a Snap from her iPhone.

To prevent the image from disappearing, she clicked on the ‘Reply’ button and took a photo of her own. Instead of sending the message, she swiped up on her phone to leave the Snapchat app rather than sending it.

She then slid down form the iPhone’s main screen to access the Control Center. She then tapped the button on her iPhone that starts screen recording. Once the recording started, she returned to Snapchat, going back to the reply photo taken initially but not sent. Keep in mind that the vanishing image is still available.

She cancelled the reply photo returning to the initial sent Snap. Remember that the iPhone had been screen recording the whole time. As a result, she was able to capture a screenshot of the Snapchat photo. The TikToker also informed the viewers in the comments confirming to them that the end user didn’t receive any warning that the screenshot was taken.

Does It Actually Work?

After seeing this video, we had to put this trick to the test. To our utter dismay, it WORKED! We tested with 2 users in the same room. However, we are not sure how long this trick will last. Hope it stays a while.

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