Apple’s New Face ID Feature Leaves iPhone Users With Privacy Concerns

Face ID
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If you have ever tried to unlock your Face ID with your mask on, or even use Face ID to unlock your apps, it was a waste of time. Since your face is half covered, Face ID will not be able to recognize you. The only solution would be to lower your mask or entering the passcode manually.

Users will finally be able to use the Face ID with a mask feature to unlock their devices. It will be part of theĀ upcoming iOS 15.4 update, currently available in beta version for developers and testers. This is an exciting feature but it’s currently limited to the iPhone 12 models or newer running iOS 15.4. However, a number of Apple users have privacy concerns with this new feature.

Will Apple’s New Face ID Be A Concern?

Apple’s main agenda is assisting iPhone users to unlock their phones using Face ID fast, simple and no security concern. This is a positive that removes the issue that came about with having to use face masks in public. By ensuring the ease of using an iPhone, it makes it more valuable and will help him future sales. It is a great move that has been made by Apple and for users of the iPhone 12 and newer series, it’s a great thing to access this feature.

The privacy concerns that surround Apple’s new Face ID technology is appropriate. However they are not the first company to introduce surveillance. Research shows that technology that identifies a persons facial features started in the 1960s, which also was the beginning period of computers. There are many advanced versions already in use all around the world by defense programs. Apple’s new technology for the iPhone is great. However, it’s highly unlikely to have a major breakthrough compared to existing systems that take advantage of powerful computers and systems to identify people.




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