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Why Online Games Can Reduce Stress: Things to Know


The gaming industry has been on the growth path ever since it appeared decades ago. Its market cap and revenues exceed the movie industry. That’s partially due to the incredible popularity of streaming, as millions of people keep watching people play various types of games. Still, the question remains, is gaming so popular because it reduces stress and helps people cope with everyday difficulties? Gamers would certainly agree. But are they right? This article will take a closer look at a couple of points that go in favour of gaming as a stress-reducing activity.

Online Games Can Reduce Stress

You Can Forget Your Problems for a While

Sometimes, after a hard day at work, all a person needs is a getaway from all the stress. Forgetting about problems is not that simple. It requires an engaging activity that lets our minds relax and have fun while watching the vivid colours. One of the ways in which people lay back and relax is by visiting an online casino. There’s are even special free spins where there are no play-through requirements, and you get to have fun with the potential to win something without making a deposit. With no deposit no wagering free spins, you can bring a smile to your face and forget about the hard day at work. The best part is that you can already feel better in a matter of minutes. There’s always the option of getting a bonus on sign up, which can increase the fun even more. There’s a broad selection of online games, promising a good time for true online casino enthusiasts. It’s the perfect way to “turn off” for a little bit and clear your mind of any problems.

The Social Aspect Lightens the Mood

People love spending time together. It creates lovely memories and a lot of pleasure, making all the problems disappear. Luckily, there are countless games with a lot of emphasis on the social aspect. The most popular genre is a massively multiplayer online game. Guilds counting hundreds of members often work together to progress through quests and defeat challenging bosses. On the other hand, those who enjoy competitive games have League of Legends, Fortnite, and other similar titles. Some of these are so fun to play that they’ve even had an impact on the global culture, bringing communities together. Each of these games is unique in its way, but one thing’s certain, they’ll help you relax while you have fun with your friends. Whenever we spend time with our best friends, they elevate our mood. That’s more than necessary to forget about stress.

Reward systems and dopamine

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Every game has some sort of reward system. One of the reasons people enjoy RPG games is the consistent progress you get to make throughout the game. Whether it’s unique items, special quest rewards, or anything similar, it creates a dopamine hit in our mind, motivating us to feel it again. That also applies to casino games, FPS shooters, and practically any other genre you can come across. What’s the biggest benefit of dopamine? Instant happiness. Experiencing such feelings lowers the stress immediately, helping you unwind after a long day at work.

Problem-solving creates the flow state

Flow state is when we focus on solving a challenge before us. While some games are easy to play, others have consistent challenges that require our mind’s engagement at 100%. For example, one such game is a real-time strategy, Starcraft 2. The complexity of the game lies in using challenging strategies in real-time. That kind of challenge requires a lot of focus, also known as the flow state. With that level of focus, there’s no room for any negative thoughts to be present in your mind. You gradually feel the stress leaving as you try to outwit your opponent. Plus, it can help develop better cognitive flexibility, which will help you solve problems in real-life quicker.


Playing games is not only a fun activity but a great way to reduce stress. The only thing to consider is that too much of anything isn’t good. Even though you find a lot of fun playing for a short period, overdoing it might turn it into a stressful activity. That’s especially true for competitive games. Therefore, limit your daily gaming time, and use it to combat stress wisely. Next time when you’re having a bad day, use a game to relax. It will help.

Bio: Leslie Alexander is a content lead at Gamblizard. Her passion for writing helps her create informative articles. Also, she coordinates freelancers and enjoys professionally editing all iGaming-related content. Leslie uses her spare time to stay on top of the latest industry news.

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DISCLAIMER: This article is a sponsored article and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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