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Wall Mount or TV Stand? Consider This Before Setting Up Your TV

TV Mount
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From deciding on purchasing your TV, to finally laying back and watching your favourite movies or series, there are several steps in between. Like, choosing the TV brand, features, screen size, there are some minor things that we tend to omit, such as how to position your TV. There are 2 major methods, wall mount or TV stand.

This guide will help you decide which one is best for you.

What is a Wall Mount?

A wall mount is a mechanism that helps people set up their TV against the wall. It consists of brackets and mounts that are easy to install in a few minutes.

Why you should mount your TV

The biggest advantage is about the mount is that it saves up a lot of space, which is very handy if you live in a small space. It also is a plus as you won’t get worried about it fitting the TV on a stand or not, as long as the wall is large enough, the TV can fit.

What are the disadvantages of a wall mount?

Getting the installation done by a professional incurs costs after purchasing the TV. It is advisable to get a professional to do it so that it can be done with the correct tools and precise measurements

Poor installation of the mount can lead to the TV dropping and getting damaged. This will lead to having to incur unnecessary repair/replacement costs.

Having additional devices like gaming consoles, stereo, will require a stand near the TV. In the end, it takes away the space-saving qualities of the wall mount.

What is a TV Stand?

The easiest and quickest way to set your TV up involves putting your TV on a flat surface. It usually raises the TV to a reasonable level for you to watch.

TV Stand

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Why you should use a TV Stand

It is easy to maintain a reasonable distance between the TV and the wall so that one can access the TV ports. The stand is also able to hide the many cables that are connected to the TV to ensure that it doesn’t look messy.

The stand can also serve other purposes like storage for a gaming console, stereo, books. It is also easy to move the TV quicker and can position it wherever comfortable.

What are the disadvantages of a TV Stand?

The biggest disadvantage is it requires a lot of surface space to set it up. Also, the viewing height of the TV is solely dependent on the height of the TV stand.

Another disadvantage is that most times the TV is not secured on stands. This can be tipped over especially with pets or children around which eventually hurts someone or the TV gets damaged.


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