Netflix Plans To Launch its Game Streaming Service on iOS

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It’s been well known that Netflix has been developing its very own gaming service, as announced back in July 2021. This is as the content streaming giant looks to venture into the ever-growing gaming market. The service has now reportedly started showing up for a couple of iPhone users as the test on iOS begins.

The streaming service is focused more on mobile games, as customers look to enjoy it as part of their current Netflix subscription. Si, it is highly likely that you will not be required to pay an extra coin to play the games offered on it.

This move is seen as an effort to compete with some of the latest streaming services such as Apple Arcade that was launched last year. The fact that Netflix plans to launch its own cloud gaming service on iOS could suggest the will to compete with Arcade.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the company plans to launch games individually on the App Store. It is also expected that customers will be able to browse the titles on the Netflix app and download them easily on the App Store.

This approach is viewed as a solution that will put Netflix’s gaming service in the best position to succeed. This is mostly because of Apple’s policies that block developers from launching an all-in-one gaming app.

It’s still not clear when the games will be launched on the iPhone although it will certainly create even more tension between the companies. Netflix is known as one of the major developers who will not offer sign-ups in their app (a way to avoid the App Store fees) and also does not integrate with the Apple TV app.

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