Safaricom Bets On IOT To Fuel The Future of Kenya


With Internet of Things (IOT) making such huge strides worldwide, it’s not shocking to see Safaricom joining in on the fun. They are integrating some amazing pieces of tech in Kenya and here’s what they have do so far.

Safaricom and the Future of IOT in Kenya

KBL Connected Cooler

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) linked up with Safaricom to keep track of the location of the fridges. After a series of meetings and tests, they launched Connected Coolers. This is a service which uses sensors to monitor the fridges, and the internet to relay that information in real-time to KBL.

Smart Electricity Meters

Safaricom is also slowly taking over smart electricity meter installation for Kenya Power. The project looks to be huge as the telco will be installing this new generation of meters to Kenya Power’s large consumers. This is a deal that aims to curb power theft and leakages and fixing weaknesses on the utility firm’s transmission network.

Smart Water Meters

Similarly, there is a water meters pilot project by Safaricom PLC and Upepo Technology. The aim is to provide real-time Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring of water consumption in EWASCO.

By utilizing IoT devices, the consortia of Safaricom, Upepo and ESRI can provide real-time information on water consumption to a water company. We can’t forget the implementation of 5G in Kenya and that opens up the country to a world of possibilities. Hopefully, there is still more to come, so watch this space.

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  1. How then if hackers access the system and tampered with i.e removing trackers from fridges?is there a method by which if someone trys to remove trackers he/she could be notice and serial number known

    1. It is possible Dennis to interconnect IOT devices with the backend. Any gap will be noticed at the backend in real time.
      Anyway, security remains a big issue with IOT networks.

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