Google Chrome Now Has a Free Adobe Acrobat PDF Editor

Google chrome adobe acrobat
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Google Chrome users have for years now had to wait and wait for a free PDF editor that has finally been brought to the browser thanks to Adobe. This was announced by Google as an Adobe Chrome extension that gives users “the most comprehensive set of PDF tools right in the¬†browser.”

This means that users will not be required to download a separate version of Acrobat or other tools to access PDF files online.

The Adobe Acrobat PDF extension will not be new to Microsoft Edge users as it helps them solve a major issue for them everywhere. Like them, Chrome users will now have a much simpler way of viewing any PDF documents sent to them directly on the browser.

This includes the ability to download and share a PDF with others for group review and feedback without having to send an attachment.

Additionally, users will also be to quickly add comments, highlights and drawings to PDF files in their browser windows using a dropdown pane. The editor can also be used to e-sign documents without the need for any extra tools. This is alongside the ability to fill out forms manually or using pre-fill information.

Other than that, the extension will also allow one to rotate, delete, or reorder PDF pages to optimise viewing and printing, transform a PDF to a Microsoft Word document and retain formatting.

You’ll also be able to convert web pages into PDF, preserving layout, formatting, and links – saving major headaches for users everywhere.

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