Google Rumoured To Launch Foldable Pixel Ahead of Pixel 6 Launch

Image courtesy Waqar Khan

Google is set to finally unveil the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on October 19. This is despite the fact that so many details about the duo is already out there for everyone including the full design. However, it is to some beliefs that the company is planning to show off more than just its new smartphone lineup.

The lineup will be powered by the Google-designed Tensor chip as revealed by the firm in August. It is also known that the larger will have a slight spec bump including a triple camera module. So the event isn’t bound to reveal so much that we don’t already know. But what if the tech giant has something up its sleeve that no one saw coming?

There have been rumours floating around lately about a foldable device from Google. Those who insist on this point to patents awarded to Google for different foldable designs. This is alongside a leaked internal document from August 2020. It claimed that Google’s 2021 plans would include a Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel Fold.

Additionally, others have insisted that Google will launch the Pixel Fold sometime this year. This is with some even going further to claim that the Pixel Fold will be launched alongside the two Pixel 6 smartphones.

The fact that Google has already revealed all we need to know about the Pixel 6  could help in stirring this rumour. As for some, this could have been just a strategy to distract anyone from speculating any other device making a cameo on the October 19 event or after that.

However, all this should be taken with the smallest pinch of salt as no one (absolutely no one) knows anything for sure.


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