Safaricom 5G Signals Spotted in Amboseli, Kisii As Coverage Extends

Image Courtesy Android Authority

Safaricom has been busy in its bid to extend 5G coverage across the country after its revealed plan to have up to 200 sites. This came after the initial launch of the next-gen network whose signals were only getting picked in a few areas across Nairobi. Well, it finally looks like the plan is going well, as reported by Techweez

A number of users with 5G-enabled devices have been reporting about picking up the super-fast internet in areas like Kisii and Amboseli. Having picked up download speeds like 119 Mbps and 230Mbps, it is clear that 5G is making its way to other regions across the country.

According to one of the users, Safaricom seems to be using 3.5Ghz which is a frequency band high enough to accomodate the fast network. This move is set to take 5G to as many Kenyans as possible. But users are also encouraged to upgrade their devices to those that can support the network first.

Safaricom did reveal that the 200 sites would be used for trial as it seeks to capitalise on the flourishing mobile internet usage in the country.

“This year is a trial phase and we intend to have 150 to 200 sites coming from the first use case of homes, especially in places where we do not have fibre,” said Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa while revealing these plans in September.

“We will be able to test on such areas and help customers in terms of speed and reliability and from next year we can be able to commercialise a bit faster but I will come with that at the appropriate time.”

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