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Kenyans on Twitter Choose To Have Their Own Version of Met Gala

met gala #metngara

It is quite clear to fans of the pop world that the season of award and fashion events in the U.S. and the UK. In such a season is usually one of the most intriguing events of all, the Met Gala. Formally known as the Costume Institute Gala, the annual event hosts a plethora of celebrities and famous personalities from across the world. This is as they walk on the red carpet in New York flaunting their fashion tastes to match the theme of the night. The event is normally hosted as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s Costume Institute located in the city.

And after last year’s hiatus, there was no doubt that people would be anticipating this year’s return to see who had the best taste and designers of course. And as expected, millions get to have a say on the various outfits shown off during the night.

As for Kenya’s Twitter community, the Met Gala seemed like a great opportunity to host a local version that’s as intriguing yet very different at the same time. Dubbed #MetNgara, the so-called event has been trending for a couple of hours now, with Kenyans posting pictures that will leave you in stitches.

For some, it has been an opportunity to show off their photoshopping skills.

For others, it was time to show their event organising prowess and confirm when everyone was “arriving.”

And of course, came the fashion.

All in all, the #MetNgara has been fun to see how creative Kenyans can be on social media.

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