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Apple Under Fire After Employees Publish Toxic Workplace Stories

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iPhone-maker Apple has now found itself in trouble following a series of events that now label the firm as one that has a toxic workplace. This began with an exclusive story from The Verge highlighted with stories from Apple employees giving their accounts of vices they’ve had to experience working for the tech giant.

This was highlighted by one Jacob Preston, a former employee who recalls how he was once asked by his manager to link his personal Apple ID and work account. Like anyone else, this would obviously hit you the wrong way as no one would want their personal online activity mixed with work files.

Three years later, Preston’s resignation request from the company was met with a response that shocked him just as much if not more. He was told to give back the work laptop without having to erase anything. After begging to be allowed to delete his personal accounts from the device, he was simply told that the policy was non-negotiable.

Now, this and more stories from other current and former Apple employees are what seem to have placed the firm under fire. A group dubbed #AppleToo was banded together to offer a forum for individuals to give their own experiences at the company. And as you can imagine, things don’t look as pretty for Tim Cook and his colleagues.

The group has now published over 500 similar stories on its official Medium page exposing cases of “discrimination, harassment and retaliation”. This did not even include stories from Apple security engineer Cher Scarlett who promised to publish five stories on the page. She also happens to be the face of the #AppleToo movement.

As expected, the company has been under backlash for the last couple of days on social media and will probably remain so for some time. However, there is still no response to all of this from the firm.

From the stories themselves, it is quite clear that Apple will have a lot of explaining to do and a lot to change in terms of work policies they have in place.

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