Carrefour Suspends Payment on Delivery Service Due To Increased Fraud Cases

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E-commerce has quickly garnered popularity in Kenya with online stores being the main beneficiaries over the last few years. This was especially noticeable since the COVID-19 outbreak forcing people to depend on delivery services for their everyday purchases. However, it looks like the delivery service has been taken advantage of and at the expense of one major store, Carrefour Kenya.

The store has reportedly noticed a growing number of fraud cases when it comes to its pay-on-delivery service. For that, Carrefour decided to pause the service temporarily.

As reported by Twitter user, Charles Onyango, this was confirmed by the store that has been sending out notices to its Kenyan customers. According to Charles, the notice reads: “Dear Customer, due to increased fraud cases in payment we have temporarily suspended our payment on delivery service. It had to come to this!

Although it’s not clear, the cases could involve both customers and the store’s staff responsible for delivery. So for a company the size of Carrefour to notice the cases, there’s no doubt that this has now become a concern.

Despite the progress, it certainly is concerning to see individuals choose to interrupt services that have helped many people. Although the whole delivery service is still intact, all users will now have to pay through Carrefour’s online site during the checkout process.

This comes months after the authorities issued a warning to Kenyans about being careful of delivery personnel from online stores who might choose to take advantage of the service.

There is still no official statement from Carrefour Kenya on any of its social media pages so all we can do is wait.

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