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Steve Jobs’ Only Job Application File Sold For Over KES 30 Mn

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It was only about a year or two ago when he heard about a piece of Steve Jobs’ famous black polo shirt being sold on a custom iPhone for a fortune. Now it seems like there are more things owned by the late genius that are selling for even more.

The Apple co-founder’s only ever filled one job application in his life. Well, someone managed to buy that piece of paper for roughly KES 37 million ($343,000) in an online auction.

This is beyond crazy when you think about it as it is just one old brown piece of paper that Steve Jobs filled out back in 1973. The document is said to be the only known job application that he ever filled in his life at the age of 18. This is believable considering how the late Apple boss dedicated his life to innovation and entrepreneurship rather than employment.

Part of History

The document is definitely a special piece as it is a huge part of the path that Jobs took to change the world. It is also quite surprising how intact the form is to this day preserving all features including Jobs’ own handwriting.


As described on the auction page, Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College located in Portland, USA. Like any other young man across the world, one can imagine that he was looking for a job. This is obviously before turning to innovation with the form being enough evidence.

Reportedly, Jobs did get a job as a video game designer with Atari in 1974. This is where he met Steve Wozniak, with whom he founded Apple two years later.

It is quite interesting to know that this is not the first time that the document has been auctioned. The piece has initially been sold at auction. The first (2017) was for $18,750 (roughly KES 2 million). Then another round a year later where it went for $174,757 ( KES 18.98 million). The third time saw it go for $222,400 ( about KES 24 million) in March 2021. So it’s clear that the document has been rising in value every year.

This latest auction was held by a group of friends named Winthorpe Ventures to figure out if the digital asset would have a similar value as the physical one. While this online auction was sold for fiat currency, there was an NFT version that was being auctioned using Ethereum. However, the NFT version only sold for $23,076 (KES 2.5 million).

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