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This Website Claims To Give You An Unforgettable Virtual Date Experience


Here at Gadgets Africa we like to give you a scoop on the best websites out there that help you make your life that much more interesting. Today, we’re taking a look at a website that will turn your virtual date and Facetime ideas from boring to unforgettable.

Kumo Space: Virtual Date Ideas Just Got Better

The idea behind Kumo Space and other websites like this are to make meeting someone virtually that much more interesting. Unlike other video calling apps,  there is quite a lot you can do to on Kumo Space.

The conference call platform lets you create different spaces where you and your partner in this case can both ‘vibe at’ while doing different things. You can

  • chill at the virtual boombox and listen to Spotify playlists as you catch up
  • Go to the virtual bar and have a drink
  • Visit the tv room and watch a YouTube video or play a game

It doesn’t have to  be a room even. There are settings to turn it into a beach, a park or a swimming pool. The choice is yours. The creativity is all up to you.

How Does It Work
It’s pretty simple actually. You use the arrow keys to move around to different sections or simply select it with your mouse. Additionally, Kumo space uses spatial audio that means you only hear and talk to those nearby. So if you move from the TV Room to the bar, you won’t hear those at the TV Room. The video below shows you all you need to know.

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