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YouTube Takes Down Ndovu Ni Kuu Video After 3 Million Views

Ndovui Ni Kuu

The copyright claim feature on YouTube aims to help creators but seems to be hurting more than it helps. The feature has now claimed another video, Ndovu ni Kuu, of Kenyan artist Krispah, better known as Ndovu Kuu. However, that is not the full story.

Ndovu Ni Kuu Video Deleted After 3 Million Views

Krispah is in rage after his latest song dubbed ‘Ndovu ni Kuu, featuring Khaligraph Jones was deleted from YouTube. As per the last time we checked, the song had already fetched over 3.5 Million views.

Why Was It Taken Down?

There are a few reasons to look at. One, upcoming artist Dexter,  claims that the beats of the song are originally his. He complains that Ndovu Kuu has samples of his beats.

Another reason is that Krispah claims that the song was not lifted due to copyright issues. He states that it is because of his verse ‘hakuna masomo KU’, which has immensely affected the intake of Kenyatta University. The KU officials says that the song has affected almost 40% of intake. Krispah says that he has been receiving calls from those at KU complaining about their intake.

He concludes that the two claims are greatly connected. ‘Ndovu Kuu’ believes also that the artist who claims to have his beats stolen is one of Kenyatta University’s comrades.

Krispah states that he is not the cause of the issue and that KU is an ambiguous statement that could mean anything. In the video he shows emails and calls that his management had with the KU officials. He speaks more about the issue in this video.

He asks that people respect his music and the music of other creators as this does not sit well with the creators.

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