How To Report Power Outage To KPLC On Your Phone

Report KPLC Power Outage

Power always seems to go at the least convenient time. When I’, sleeping or reading a book, there always seems to be power. However, when I am on a deadline and need to publish some work or send in a report, that’s when KPLC turns off the lights. Sometimes it can take hours to come back but other times. as soon as you report it, they send over their guys and sort out the issue. So here’s how to report any future Power outage to KPLC on your phone.

Report KPLC Power Outage

Now there’s three easy ways to do this. I’ll start with what I believe to be the fastest way.

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Whether you DM them on Twitter or send them a complaint tweet, they are sure to respond in less than 30 minutes. They will inquire about the issue and ask for your KPLC Number. They will then get back to you with a code you will use top check on the status of the problem and solution.

I have done this a couple of times and it almost never fails. Depending on the depth of the issue it might take less than an hour or up to a maximum of 3 hrs. to sort the issue assuming it is not city/nationwide.

Use The USSD Code

KPLC also provides a USSD code that you can use to report the outage. By dialing *977#, you access the KPLC reports hotline. This will however cost you some money but it is also the most effective way to get assistance. This way you can report your claim and it goes directly to the KPLC system for checking.


If you didn’t know, KPLC has an app that you can use to report your issues too. It is called the MyPower phone app and is available on the android Play Store and the Apple App Store. Aside from reporting power failure, you can also simulate your bill and check for planned interruptions.

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  1. Hello, am Joseph Mulwa from kilimani rose avenue flair by Betty, I here by report power failure since from 5 am up to now we have no power.

  2. Kindly note it takes a long time to resolve Power reported issues.

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