Google Play Introduces Two-Step Verification For Developers To Fight Scams

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Google announced it plans to work on enhancing the integrity of the Play Store by adding new restrictions and safeguard to developer accounts. Developers will soon be required to abide by 2-step verification and new identity requirements if they wish to continue publishing apps on the PlayStore.

The first requirement is two-step Verification (2SV) when signing into the Play Console. This is a way to prevent account and app hijacking, thus keeping end-users safe. Other than the username and password, developers will need to verify it’s really them signing in with either a prompt sent to their phone or a physical security key.

The two-step verification will be rolling out on developer accounts in August with the requirement enforced on existing ones “later this year.”

The developer identification requirements will then require developers to provide the following information:

  • Your account type — whether it’s personal or belongs to an organization
  • A contact name
  • Your physical address
  • Verification of your email address and phone number

According to Google, these credentials will not be listed publicly as they’re just meant to help confirm who you are.

“Your contact information allows us to share important information and updates about your app. It also helps us make sure that every account is created by a real person with real contact details, which helps us keep the Play Store safe for all users,” the company states.

This move by Google comes as the firm continues to carry out a wider crackdown on malicious apps on the Play Store. A recognisable example would be the Amazon Worker app that lured Kenyans to “invest” lots of money only to disappear later.

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