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Instagram Could Start Bringing Suggested Posts on Your Main Feed

Image courtesy Instagram

Instagram has been recently testing on its new “suggested posts” feature that it reported has been received very positively, as reported by The Verge. Well, this now seems to have pushed forward the move to bring suggested posts throughout the primary feed. Reportedly, this could even go ahead of posts from people you follow.

This move is expected to come alongside the freedom to choose the topics you’d like to see on your main feed. This will allow users to pick the kind of posts they’d like to see as well as snooze the recommendations for 30 days to hide them from the feed completely.

This could be of no difference to some while others might still find this concept rather ludicrous. As it stands, Instagram’s timeline algorithm is not the best. So, having posts from strangers come ahead of those from people you follow or even your friends could be seen as overkill.

Luckily, these updates to the Instagram News Feed will not be rolling out to a wider audience for now. Only a handful of selected users will be able to try it out. It would be ideal if Instagram lets you get rid of all suggested content altogether, but that is very unlikely to happen.

The move can also be seen as part of a bigger trend by platforms to try and give users some control over the algorithm. This was seen by Tinder that introduced a feature that lets users choose potential spouses over certain interests. This was definitely a first for a company, an action that could help improve its algorithm on how it automatically chooses people you interact with.

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