Tinder Launches New Feature That Lets Users Chat Before Matching


The whole idea centred around Tinder and many other online dating apps is two individuals matching then moving on from there. But it now looks like Tinder is looking to shake all that up thanks to a new feature that will not need you to match with another user before talking with them.

The app has now launched a game dubbed Hot Takes that lets users connect in a speed dating style at any time.

In this game, users will first be shown a couple of multiple-choice questions. An example would be “Which of these is most pretentious? Bragging you don’t have TikTok, natural wine, saying your found something first, or or Oxford comma enthusiasts.”

The users will then be dropped into a chat with another Tinder user who happened to have given similar answers. This could be seen as an attempt to automatically a pair that seems to have similar thought processes or have similar interests.

The potential spouses can then chat before they decide whether to go on or not. The only catch is that these users will be required to make their first impression quickly as they only have 30 seconds to make the first choice.

This game comes alongside a whole list of new features intended at making the process of meeting people on Tinder easier and quicker. This includes a new Explore section that offers different new ways of meeting people.

On the tab, users will be able to search for matches with similar interests. They’ll also find other Tinder features such as Festival Mode, built to connect people attending the same festival.

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