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Crypto Mkononi – Buy And Sell Crypto Online With The Yellow Card Mobile App

Yellow Card
Crypto Mkononi - Yellow Card Kenya simplifies the process of buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Kenya | Image Supplied

It’s safe to say that we’re not experts on bitcoin or cryptocurrency. When conversations on this subject come up, we join in and soon enough end it with ‘Woah, that’s crazy!’ because we don’t want to embarrass ourselves. However, the more people talk about it, the more there is to learn. It was on this quest for knowledge that we came across Yellow Card Kenya.

What Is Yellow Card?

Yellow Card Kenya is a platform on which you can buy or sell supported cryptocurrencies in Kenyan shillings. The service also offers a secure digital wallet with which you send, receive, and store your cryptocurrencies.

Part of the reason cryptocurrency remains an elusive concept for many is the sheer degree of complexity – perceived or real – that goes along with it.

This, in our view, is what sets Yellow Card apart from other platforms. When we first started finding our way around it, we found it impressive that the user interface is designed so simply yet effectively. They’ve saved the complexity for the backend, leaving a user-friendly layout that even a beginner would navigate without breaking a sweat. 

If you were to ask us to sum it up in the fewest words possible, we’d describe Yellow Card as ‘crypto mkononi’ – the power of cryptocurrency in your hand.

You can access this platform through the app on Google PlayStore, Apple Store or on your web browser. To gain access to your personal crypto wallets and unlock the power of bitcoin, all you have to do is sign up for a Yellow Card account. There are no sign-up fees.

How To Start Trading Bitcoin in Kenya with Yellow Card 

Bitcoin has evolved into the most notable form of crypto. It was the first to emerge and has the highest value, which has hit highs of more than $40,000 this year alone.

Getting in on the action is easy with Yellow Card Kenya:

  1. Create an account: Sign up for an account on the web or download the Yellow Card Android or iOS app.
  2. Fund your account: Choose your preferred payment method e.g. bank transfer or mobile money to deposit money into your account.
  3. Buy or Sell Crypto: Start trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether instantly at the best rates with low trading fees. It’s that quick and easy.

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And the best part? You can buy bitcoin for as little as KES. 100 ($1) on this platform directly from the company, without going through intermediaries. Like we earlier mentioned, ni crypto mkononi. It does away with the exorbitant limits other platforms have on how little you can buy. This is good news for many Kenyans who’ve previously been unable to adopt bitcoin. 

Learn How To Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency In Kenya With Yellow Card

Now, whether like us, you have a lot more to discover about cryptocurrency or you are an expert looking for more technical info, Yellow Card has a nifty learning solution. 

On Yellow Card Academy, you can access an extensive range of lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. You may not have the funds to buy bitcoin now but a little extra knowledge never hurt anyone.

With all these tools at your disposal, you can learn everything you’d like to know on cryptocurrency and start trading pole pole as you gain more experience. We won’t be publishing a best-seller on the matter anytime soon, but we certainly know more than we did before.

DISCLAIMER: This article is a sponsored article and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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