YouTube To Let Users Control Video Playback From The Home Screen

Image courtesy Gizmodo

Youtube has had a feature that auto-plays videos on the home screen for a while. Now, the video streaming platform is reportedly looking to give users more control over those videos. This was hinted at by a recent tweet showing a user with the ability to control YouTube autoplay videos.

This comes as more of an addition to the autoplay feature that already exists allowing users to preview videos as they scroll through their YouTube feed. For now, the only way to interact with those videos is by tapping on them. But personal experience can tell you that sometimes you just want to view a video without having to open them up.

So, this new feature could be useful for users who want to still view their videos while other stuff like music plays in the background, for instance.  In the tweet, the user had a few very basic controls over the videos. We see the option to toggle the closed caption, mute/unmute, and scrub through the video.

From the video spotted by XDA Developers, the user is seen using a Pixel 4a phone running Android 12. So, this could heavily imply that we will see this update once the OS update rolls out. That definitely raises questions of whether folks with phones that don’t get the update will receive the feature.

The feature is expected to roll out in the near future and is most likely in its early stages of development. It’s probably even hard to tell whether YouTube will even consider launching this feature in the first place.

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