Spotify Joins Chat Rooms Hype By Launching Its Clubhouse Competitor

Image courtesy Spotify

After months of reports, it is now official that Spotify has its own live audio app, Greenroom that is set to be an answer to the popular platform Clubhouse. Like all other live chat room platforms, Greenroom will allow users to join live conversations or host their own and have a virtual audience.

This new platform was launched shortly after the Swedish music streaming giant acquired Betty Labs. This was the company responsible for a well-known sports-based audio platform called Locker Room. So, you can pretty much tell that Spotify used the firm’s expertise to develop Greenroom as well.

Clubhouse has every well been the centre of attention for most if not all tech and social media giants with the growing popularity of live chat rooms. This is alongside podcasts that also has companies all over building their own platforms.

Despite being a giant when it comes to podcasts, it’s pretty clear that Spotify never wanted to miss out on this content format that still feels new thus presenting nothing but a gold mine for those who invest in it.

As it stands, Clubhouse has been downloaded over 18 million times since December, as reported by AppMagic. And now that the app is now available on Android as well, the traction is expected to only go higher.

We have not had the opportunity to test out Greenroom but it’s only a matter of time before it rolls out in Kenya. However, we would expect it to borrow a lot from other rival platforms that have already gone live. This includes Twitter Spaces and the oldest of them all, Discord that has been offering live audio since 2015.

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