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Facebook Set To Launch Its New Podcast Platform Next Week

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Facebook has been reported to be gearing up for the launch of a new podcast platform since April this year. Now, the company that was said to be working on the site has confirmed that the site is making its way next week, on Tuesday.

According to a report by The Verge, Facebook has apparently been sending emails to various podcast creators about the new page that will be part of the social media site. In the email, the site is set to go fully live on June 22. It goes further to say that users will be able to listen to podcasts directly on Facebook pages as well as in a new “Podcasts” tab, that has not yet been made available.

Like the other podcast platforms, creators will be able to set up an RSS feed to add an episode to Facebook. Once it’s approved, the new episode will then be uploaded on the site automatically.

“Starting June 22, 2021, Facebook will be the place where people can enjoy, discuss and share the podcasts they love with each other. To help them find your work, we can add a new tab to your Page that will feature your podcasts.

By adding your podcasts to your Page, people will be able to listen to every episode directly on Facebook. There’s no need to upload or link to anything. Your Page will be updated with your latest episodes as they become available. You can also unpublish or remove your podcast at any time.”

What’s interesting though is the platform’s terms of service that grants Facebook the rights to make “derivative works” with the content uploaded. Although there are no further details, it will definitely be something creators will have to be keen on and understand fully before submitting their work.

The podcast platform will also offer a feature dubbed “Clips” designed to help creators promote their content with short clips of an episode.

This definitely comes at a time when tech giants across the world have aired their increasing interest in podcasts, a type of content that does not seem to be backing down in popularity any time soon.

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