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Windows 11 Leaks Shows New UI That Resembles MacOS

windows 11

The time for a new Windows 11 operating system seems to be on its way and a new leak suggests that we might see it very soon. The whole look of the OS is now all over the internet after screenshots were published on the Chinese site Baidu revealing the new interface, Start menu and lots more.

The design seems to have been inspired by Windows 10X but also suggests to have borrowed some ideas from its rival MacOS. This is mostly because of the taskbar icons that are positioned centrally making it look a lot like Apple’s computer OS.

The taskbar includes an updated Start menu that looks like a simplified version of what we have in Windows 10 but without Live Tiles. It consists of pinned apps, recent files and the ability to shut down or restart Windows 11 devices.

Luckily, the app icons at the taskbar will also allow you to move them on either the left or right-hand side if you don’t want them at the centre.

What was also clear from the images shared was Microsoft’s intentions to have the windows have rounded corners. This begins from the Start menu itself that has these rounded corners.

Other new features include new snap controls that one can access from the maximise button on all app screens. The controls could be considered as a carbon copy of the current cascade windows function that has existed for years. You will be able to swiftly snap windows side by side or even arrange them in sections on your desktop.

The Windows-Xbox ecosystem will also be receiving an improvement via a new Xbox app that will be integrated into Windows 11. This will offer gamers quick access to Xbox Game Pass libraries, Xbox Network and and the Xbox Store.

windows 11-xbox app

The new Xbox app on Windows 11.

However, we should expect more changes to come to Windows 11 since it is still in the development stages. What is almost certain though, as reported by The Verge, is that the beta version is almost if not fully built.


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