Canon Partners With Creative Institutions in Kenya To Support Photographers


Photography in Africa is becoming a huge movement. All creatives ask for is support from the product makers. In this case, Canon wants to partner with creatives in Kenya, Egypt and Africa to boost the photography industry.

Canon Partners With Kenya to Support Photographers

Their main aim is to move from only accessible tech like cameras and flashes etc to support Africa.

Canon representative Amin speaking at the launch said Africa has a lot to offer in terms of culture, landscape and talent.

He goes on to say that Canon wants to be invested in Africa and it’s Talent.

Representing Kenya, Victor Otieno, treasurer at Professional Photographers’ Association of Kenya (PAK) and lead photographer at On Photography said that there’s a lot Kenya has to offer and they are ready for the collaboration.

Mustafa Sharara from SYNC Egypt, school of photography also said that Egypt is always working towards supporting creatives.

He notes that alot of youth in Africa are into the creative world and this is their chance to shine.

This partnership is the first of its kind in Africa and it is only phase one of collaboration.

Their ambition is to reach every photographer in this slow and steady growth.

For now in Kenya, Canon notes that you need to be part of PNK in Kenya to benefit from both Canon and the organisation.

Canon notes that there will be competitions, workshops and features, productions. They also teased a Canon Student Program for Africans soon to launch.

**Article to be updated with more details as we get them

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