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Beats Launches Studio Buds With One Touch Android Pairing

Image courtesy Beats Electronics

Beats Electronics announced its new addition to the wireless headset with the launch of its second truly wireless earbuds dubbed Beats Studio Buds. Launching in international markets, the earbuds are set to retail at $149.99 (roughly KES 16,000) in three colour variants; red, black and white. This follows the launch of the Powerbeats Pro that bore a more sporty design. However, the Beats Studio Buds are designed like your average compact in-ear earbuds which would suggest a plan to appeal to more people who just get to use earbuds casually.

The Studio Buds feature an internal two-chamber housing that keeps the dual-element diaphragm driver. According to Apple, the pair has an advanced digital processor that enables improved performance for loudness and clarity in comparison to its older siblings.

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is also available allowing the earbuds to block any unnecessary sound from the external environment. Transparency mode is also an option enabling the external-facing microphones to allow the outside sound to reach your ears along with the music. The latter could be important in case you are around colleagues or friends that you want to listen to as you keep enjoying your music.

As for connectivity, the Beats Studio Buds use Class 1 Bluetooth for connecting with Android and iOS devices. Luckily, the devices will be able to connect fast and easy via one-touch for both Android and iOS. So you might very well refer to them as “Airpods Pro for Android.” All one has to do is open the case near an Android or iOS device and it will pair with the earbuds automatically.

The Buds are said to deliver eight hours of listening time with ANC or Transparency mode off. The case gets to provide two additional charges offering total usage of 24 hours. Having either of the modes on will take away some of the listening time to just 5 hours and an additional 10 hours including the battery of the case.

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