You’ll Soon Be Able To Link Your WhatsApp Account On More Than One Phone

Image courtesy Steve Matindi/Medium

Despite being the most popular messaging service on the planet, one limitation that WhatsApp has never seemed to fix is the inability to link multiple smartphones on one account. Luckily, the scenario is about to take a turn with the promise of making this happen soon.

As it stands, WhatsApp only lets you use your account on a single phone or tablet. You get instantly logged out of your previous device if you get to link your account to another. However, Facebook is about to change as Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that a future update on the app will get rid of this thorn. This will allow users to have up to four devices connected to a single account. This was reported by WABetaInfo who spoke personally with the Facebook CEO confirming all this.

This would bring up a feature that users of apps like Signal and Telegram have been enjoying for years. So this action would definitely seem like a step up against these rivals that have seen a couple of WhatsApp users sign up to them in recent months. But there’s no doubt it will be interesting to the feature show up on the Facebook-owned app.

The tech mogul was also quick to confirm other upcoming features including the disappearing messages support. This will automatically delete messages as soon as they have been sent by the recipient. These new features are expected to come in as part of a beta version of the app ‘in the next month or two.” It will be followed by the stable version a few weeks later.

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