KRA To Roll Out Online Tracking System For Oil Trucks

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The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) announced its plans to roll out a new eFuels Project under the Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) this month. Through this new system, oil transporters across the country will be able to easily track their trucks to and from their respective oil depots. However, this will only be possible once they register their trucks for entry and loading at oil installations.

This was confirmed by the Commissioner of Customs and Border Control Lilian Nyawanda informing petroleum stakeholders that the eFuels Project will start rolling out at the Eldoret Kenya Pipeline Depot. This is before a gradual execution in other oil installations across the country.

“In order to enhance the system and operational efficiency, the authority intends to deploy a ‘transporter booking’ module in Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS). The module will enable all petroleum transporters to book in advance their trucks for entry and loading at oil installations through RECTS,” stated the notice to the transporters.

The system will involve a smart gate feature that only allows trucks that have been booked in the system in advance to access the oil depots. Additionally, the transporters will be required to have a valid Transit Goods License (TGL) which can be obtained directly from the KRA Licensing office which is free of charge.

This comes a few months after the KRA launched RECTS as a tool to help track containerized Transit Cargo & Single Customs Territory (SCT) Goods from the port last year.

The tracking system was brought up as a solution to traders losing millions worth of cargo frequently, an issue that had been looming for years.

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  1. KRA is doing or selling products meant to be sold by other private Kenyan companies. These companies will soon close and kra will lose a lot of tax from PAYE all the way to income tax. KRA has not realized how much tax it lost after denying many companies business by introducing RECTS. It is less effective that the previous ECTS done by experts. KRA is not the expert and it should stick to tax collections. How will KRA track oil…it does not even know how it is lost…leave it to the experts..

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