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Apple Ad Shows How It Feels To Have Ad Tracking On


2020 and 2021, despite being pandemic ridden years have been recognised as the years of security. As such companies like Apple, WhatsApp and Google are doing their best to guarantee security on their platforms. However, with this new ad, Apple has taken the cake on explaining how it feels to have as tracking on and what it feels to have it off.

Apple Privacy: As Tracking Visually Explained

The ad starts off normal with a person going about his day. However, the difference is that, every action he takes is recorded. Every move he makes, he is traced and followed and they never stop until there’s one too many people in his apartment.

He has people answering his questions for him, suggesting what to buy in the store and even what to do and see. Essentially, that’s how ad tracking works.

The sites you visit, the posts you like, the things you search for on Google is all collected and used to send you relevant ads.

Say you look up a specific pair of shades on Google. Soon enough, you’ll see ads on Facebook and Instagram, on the same shoes or others similar to the ones you were looking for.

Now with the new Apple iOS 14.5 update, this ad shows that you can stop all this following around. Apple has added a new feature that requires apps to ask for permission to track you.

Since then many users have opted out of being tracked and they feel safer. This ad explains it all in one fell sweep and I think I want an iPhone now…

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  1. I don’t know how people feel, but I feel it’s quite comfortable when I see iPhone ads. It shows the viewer the quality, luxury and difference with other phone brands. Moreover, I can use it to play helix jump.

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