Safaricom Plans To Develop M-PESA Super App

Evolution and Future of M-Pesa

Safaricom Plc is planning to launch a “super-app” this month which aims to bring all its products and services into a single M-Pesa app.

The app, already available as a beta on the Android and IOS stores will provide users with a variety of features such as static and dynamic QR code payments as well as chat functionality.

Everything You Need To Know About the M-PESA Super App

View and manage your financials easily with the new features now available with just a few taps on your mobile phone.

  • Core M-PESA transactions – Access all core M-PESA transactions with a brand new and more simplified user experience – Send money, buy goods, pay bill, withdraw at the agent and buy airtime
  • Offline Mode – Log in and transact on the app (Send Money, LNM, withdraw and buy airtime only) without having an active data connection i.e., the app can be used without data bundles or with data turned off completely.
  • My Spend – Allows the user to track their M-PESA spend per month with aggregate and daily average spend displayed on the card on the home screen as well as a more detailed view with transactions broken down by category with the user being able to change their category
  • Statement – Review, interact and action your entire M-PESA statement directly on the home screen as well as filter, download and export your M-PESA statement in PDF form
  • Receipts – Download and share e-receipts for send money, buy goods, pay bill and withdraw transactions to share transaction information with other users via pdf
  • Biometric Authentication – Log in and transact on the app using face or fingerprint authentication without having to enter M-PESA PIN manually every time
  • Pochi la Biashara – New transaction type on M-PESA that enables users to send money to the business wallet for micro-merchants
  • Favourites – Save people or businesses you interact with regularly directly on the app
  • Frequents – Get an automatically-generated list of people or businesses you frequently send money to
  • M-PESA Global – International money transfer service that enables send to mobile, send to the bank, send to Western Union, PayPal top-up and withdrawal and roaming pick up
  • Due Bills – Get notifications for your bills when they become due. Also, pay fully or partially directly from the app* for participating billers
  • Buy bundles – buy Safaricom data, voice and SMS bundles. You can also pay directly on the app using airtime or M-PESA
Send Money
  • Send money with gifs/description – Add context when sending money by adding a payment description or attaching a gif for the recipient
  • Send money with profile picture – Enables users to upload a profile picture that will be visible when someone sends them money via the app
  • frequently interact with to simplify the payment process
  • QR – Initiate send money, buy goods, pay bill and withdraw transactions by scanning QR codes and generate and share your own personal QR code

Safaricom is also planning to release an API for the super app whereby it will enable third-party app developers to build more products and services on top of the system.

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