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Stats Show How Many iPhone Users Allowed Facebook To Track Them

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Apple introduces what is possibly the biggest change around privacy with the rollout of iOS 14.5. The software upgrade brought with it App Tracking Transparency. This is a framework that makes it compulsory for apps to request iPhone users for permission in order to track them. This was part of a process by Apple to start allowing apps to serve users targeted ads.

However, it appears that the latest privacy policy change is having the effect many predicted; not many people are okay with being tracked.

A study by Flurry Media collected data showing merely 4% of users in the United States opted-in for being tracked by apps a week after the iOS 14.5 release. Globally, approximately 12% were found to have allowed ad-tracking by apps in the same period.

These figures would definitely be worrying for companies that hoped to have iPhone users running for any ads let alone customised ones. One of the firms was clearly Facebook that has been in full-on opposition against this new privacy policy.

The Zuckerberg-owned firm defended its stance stating that the policy would pose a challenge to its revenue streams. Facebook even called Apple a competitor that is using its control over the entire ecosystem to stifle competition and choke their ad revenue.

On the other hand, Apple has been strong in its position and countered that users should have a choice whether they want to be served ads after being tracked.  As it stands, it seems that Apple will have more people on its side compared to Facebook.

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