Spotify Now Lets You Share Podcasts At Specific Timestamps

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Sharing clips, whether audio or video seems to be a common thing in this social media era and Spotify now wants to make the experience even better when it comes to podcasts.

Many users always look to share specific excerpts from their favourite podcast episodes with friends but it has never been possible. Well, Spotify is now introducing a new feature that lets you share those episodes with a time marker. That means that the episode will start playing from a specified point. This is so that the receiver can get to listen to the interesting bit without having to go through the entire episode.

To share podcast episode with timestamps, all you have to do is:

  1. Play the episode you want to share on the Spotify app.
  2. Hit the share button at the desired timestamp.
  3. Turn the toggle for timestamp as shown below, then share the link.

spotify podcasts

Spotify is also encouraging podcast creators to start making promo cards with timestamped links and quotes from their shows. That could tell people what the episode is about. Even if you don’t subscribe to the podcast, chances are that you might at least check out that clip in the listed episode to get a taste.

This timestamp function is one that YouTube has had for years alongside other podcast apps like Pocket Casts.  But as a lot of people are using Spotify for podcast consumption, it’s a neat feature to share interesting moments of an episode with friends.

Hopefully, Apple Podcasts users will get to have the same.

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