Uber Launches Electric Boda Bodas and Bicycles in Kenya


The road to zero emissions is a lengthy one but I has to start from somewhere. With that in mind, Uber is taking the wheel to introduce electric boda bodas and bicycles in Kenya.

Uber Electric Boda Bodas and Bicycles in Kenya

Uber has today launched two electric modes of transport. The electric boda bodas and bicycles for drivers on UberBoda, Uber Connect and Uber Eats in Kenya. This new development is a first for Uber in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Using electric UberBoda will cost the same as a regular journey. However, this means we are heading to a green recovery as a nation and Uber riders get a bit more for their services.

This is because it presents a 45% reduction in overall costs for UberBoda and Uber Connect drivers. Especially since fuel is the most significant operating cost with the recent price rises.  

Ubers Plan

Brian Njao, Head of East Africa for Uber had this to say:

“We are doing our part to help transform mobility in the country. This is so that Kenyans can play their part in reducing carbon emissions. Uber is continuously looking for ways to improve the customer experience. We have a responsibility to invest in offering product innovations that make a difference to cities. We believe this collaboration will do just that.”

The move means so much to the future of Kenya. I hope to see more electric vehicles, bodabodas and bicycles in the country in the near future.

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