The New Apple iMac is Powerful and Colourful. But How Much Will it Cost in Kenya?


The Apple Spring Loaded Launch event yesterday was everything we expected. Great lighting, masterful transitions, substantial videography and quality tech announcements. Focusing on the tech, in this piece, we’re looking at the New iMac Apple announced.

Spec-wise, it’s powerful and design wise, it stands out. Question is, with all this new tech and a pretty face, how much will it cost? But first, let’s talk about the power on this thing.

Apple iMac: It’s So Thin, How Is It That Powerful?

Apple iMac

Well if you don’t know already, Apple last year released the M1 chip and put it in the new Macbooks, making them significantly faster.


The same tech is now in the iMacs. Thanks to the new M1 system-on-a-chip architecture, the M1 uses a smaller logic board. This then reduces its overall volume by over 50%. At just 11.5mm thin the new iMac can fit into a lot of spaces, at home or at the office.

The M1 chip reduces the amount of hardware on the iMac. This is because  is is now housing the core processors in a small chip making the work more efficient, letting Apple reduce the size of the fans as well.

The efficiency is so good so much so that Apple claims the new iMac is up to 85 per cent faster than before. For GPU performance, the new iMac is claimed to be up to two times than before.

  1. Aside from this, it also comes in many new colours, as seen above
  2. Packs 4 usb c slots,
  3. Has a 4.5K display
  4. Better speakers
  5. New 1080p webcam
  6. Features touch ID to switch between accounts and log into the computer
  7. Ethernet that connects to the power cable reducing cables on your table.

Yes that’s a lot to take in and it sound like it would be expensive right?

Well, according to Apple, they will cost $1,299 in the states. So we can assume in Kenya it would cost about KES 150,000 or lower.

Not a high cost judging by how Apple usually price their products. So is it something you would get?

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