Microsoft Rolls Out New Android Browser To Compete With Chrome

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Anyone that looks for Android browsers knows how hard it is to try and get away from Google Chrome. Luckily, it looks like Microsoft is about to bring in a new offering. The software giant today made a sudden release of Edge’s Android version. What’s surprising is that there was no build-up or prior announcement before this rollout.

Out of the blue, a preview version of Microsoft Edge has appeared in Google Play Store. This is to give Android users a new option for browsing the web using the new app. Based on the Chromium engine, Edge Canary is available for testing right now.

This is certainly great news that for anyone that has been looking for an alternative to Chrome. we obviously expect to work well in creating an ecosystem with the desktop version. What is not clear though, is whether the browser will be designed to sync well with Google’s.

As you would expect, the browser synchronises browsing data between devices. This means you can start browsing the web on a PC and easily pick it up on your Android smartphone.

Taking it To The Edge

Since the app is just a preview build, there is a chance that it will not be as stable on all devices for now. In fact, Microsoft is actually looking for feedback from anyone that installs it, positive or negative.

“Want to be one of the first to preview what’s new? The Microsoft Edge preview channels are now available for mobile! This is the Microsoft Edge Canary channel for Android. Canary will be released daily to keep you up to date on our progress. Your feedback is what helps us improve, so download now and let us know what you think.”

If you’re interested in trying out Edge for Android, it is available to download free of charge from Google Play Store and is compatible with Android 5 and above.

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