Glovo Announces Reduction of Its Delivery Fees

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Delivery firm Glovo announced that it will be dropping its service charges in order to make it more affordable for users to order their favourite meals and groceries. This will involve the minimum delivery fee for food going down by 50% while that of groceries dropping by 18%.

“We’ve dropped our delivery fees to make it more affordable to order your favourite meals and groceries. Our minimum delivery fee for Food is 50% less starting from KES 50 down from KES 100, and 18% less for Groceries starting from KES 165 down from KES 200,” Glovo said in a statement.

The drop is definitely a positive one at a time when Kenyans have been forced to go back to lockdown amid a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. As many seem to go back to the dark financial days as we experience in 2020, this move could be seen more as an act of goodwill from the company.

This news comes about a few months after the company began testing its new Glovo Prime service. This is a subscription service that enables users to pay a monthly fee and get unlimited free deliveries throughout the month. Here’s how to get it.

  • Glovo Prime section appears under the profile section of the customer account.
  • Click it and follow the instructions
  • The subscription will renew itself every 30 days from the day of registration.
  • Stores that are applicable for Glovo Prime have a purple Glovo icon
  • To subscribe to Glovo prime, you will use your card you can pay for your orders using other methods like cash on delivery.

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