TikTok Plans To Add Personalised Ads Alongside A Group Chat Feature

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Despite creating its stance as one of the most popular social media platforms, it seems like TikTok isn’t really all that social. Well, the site is looking to make all that change with a new feature.

A report by Reuters now claims that the site’s parent company BytDance plans to develop the platform into more of a “social interactions app”. This is by having an in-app group messaging function that will launch this year. In fact, this feature will not be new to everyone as it is already available in Douyin, China’s version of TikTok.

There is no doubt that this feature has bee borrowed from one of TikTok‘s rivals. The group chat feature is likely to end up looking similar to Facebook Messenger. The messaging service could also be seen as an effort to help keep users engaged in the app longer.

Personalised Ads

The platform was also reported to be planning on making personalised ads. This will be based on every user’s in-app activity and is set to begin on April 15th. The ads will also be mandatory so you will be able to avoid these types of ads from showing up on your screen.

Currently, TikTok users can choose whether they would like to see general ads or personalised ones. However, these options are likely to change starting next month, according to a notice on the app. This does not mean that you won’t be able to still prevent the service from tracking your activities in other apps and websites.

Like we’ve heard from many other sites with similar features, the goal of this is to help businesses reach more consumers.

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