Little Cab Adjusts Price Upwards As Fuel Costs Spike

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It was only a matter of time before the spike in fuel costs that was announced a few days ago began having its toll in daily Kenyans’ lives. And as expected, the public transport sector is already feeling the pain. But what we didn’t expect was the seemingly sombre statement from Little Cab announcing a rise in ride charges.

The announcement posted by Little‘s CEO Kamal Budhabhatti clearly showed the firm’s hesitance in doing this but also a resolve forced by the current situation.

“You all know how much I love my Customers. I always find ways to ensure that they are treated like Kings and Queens. But again, our Drivers are no less important. They are the ones who work day in and out to ensure that you keep moving.”

“As you may have been aware, Fuel prices in our country have gone up by almost 11 KES. This is not the best of the news. With this sharp increase in the price of Fuel, I would like to make an appeal to our customers to please accept a small increase in the price that they pay on their Little Rides.”

The charges will increase by KES 3 per kilometre in a bid to continue compensating the drivers’ fuel expenses. The Little app will implement this with immediate effect. However, the firm’s boss promises that the prices will be adjusted accordingly if and when the fuel prices get back to normal.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that Little App has grown into a super app now that offers various additional services including deliveries of Food, Groceries, Drinks, Gas a lot more which gained impressive traction from our customers. The usage of these services has encouraged us to introduce more in the future,” stated Mr Budhabhatti.

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