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KOT Reacts To Drastic Increase of Fuel Prices in Kenya


When fuel prices in Kenya go up, everyone is affected. Those going to work, those travelling, those transporting goods and those buying these goods. It’s quite the pyramid with the people at the bottom being heavily affected.

Before we get down to the reactions, let’s get you in the loop of what’s happening.

Fuel Prices in Kenya Skyrocket

In case you are out of the loop, starting today, fuel prices have hit a nine-year high due to rising crude costs in the global market. This means motorists in Nairobi will pay,

  • KES 122.81 per litre of diesel from Sh115.18
  • KES107.66. for a litre of super petrol From KES 102

Why? Well, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) linked the expensive fuel to the recovery in crude oil prices. They increased the cost of imported refined fuel, from $55.27 a barrel to $61.61.

This simply means the cost of living is likely to skyrocket.

The news did not sit well with Kenyans on Twitter, especially in comparison to our neighbouring countries.

In addition to that, the KRA takes about 47% or 57 shillings out of each litre of petrol. The government states that they add the excise duty to stop people from using oil, heading to a ‘greener Kenya.’

So it looks like this is where we are headed.

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Fuel Prices Kenya

Another question that is rising asks, what happened to the Crude Oil in Kenya…

It may just be time to call in reinforcements.

Until then, make sure you get every single drop as we’re not sure what exactly will happen next;



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