3 Great Learning Apps Available For Android You Should Try


As the old saying goes, learning never stops. However, the older you get, the harder it is to learn new things. In that case, now that you still can, take note of these three learning apps that could teach you and help you discover yourself too.

3 Learning Apps Available For Android



This has to be the most useful of the bunch. The app is called Photomath and it does exactly what the name states. It photographs math. Well, it’s a bit more than that. Let me elaborate.

You write down an equation on a piece of paper and scan it with your phone. The app then provides you with the answer along with all the working out. It shows you exactly how to complete such problems.

To some, it’s a faster way to get done with assignments but in my time using it, I’ve found it shows much more than you would expect. The working of the sums and equations are pretty clear and straight to the point. Like having your own pocket-sized math teacher.



If you have ever wanted to start learning how to make your own website, app or even game, this might be the app for you. It’s called SoloLearn since you are basically learning how to code alone

The app teaches you how to code in a range of different programming languages, from HTML to Java and C++, as well as Python. Each language has its own app that can be accessed for free. It’s never too late to learn how to code.


Lumosity Learning Apps

This one is probably my favourite of the bunch. I don’t have a lot of games on my phone… Actually, I just have Candy Crush. This is because I just can’t find a game to suit my need for challenges. However, I feel like I just found it.

This game helps your brain active by implementing the idea of brain training. It is essentially a work out for your brain. The app starts by bragging about their high ratings exposing you to exercises designed by scientists and neurologists. These games give you logic problems that increase your sharpness, help you learn new things, and improve your problem-solving skills.

The app itself is free, and you can do a fair amount without paying, but a monthly subscription is always recommended. Tell us if you try any of these.

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