Bolt Launches New ‘Green’ Service in Kenya With Hybrid and Electric Cars


Taxi-hailing service Bolt has launched a new ride category on its platform meant to offer eco-friendly rides. Dubbed Bolt Green, the new service is part of the company’s effort towards reducing its carbon footprint.

The service, which was announced in a statement on Wednesday, will involve hybrid and electric cars for anyone that wishes to use them. With this, the firm hopes they will contribute to the fight against climate change that has been advocated for across the globe.

The category will charge similar to the already-existing Bolt Base category, with a minimum fare of KES 300. Clients who get to order for rides will be able to choose the new ride-type in the Bolt app at no extra cost.

Bolt Kenya’s Country Manager spoke on the new category saying, “We continue to scale up our operations for the benefit of our customers and the communities in which we operate. Having electric and hybrid vehicles on our platform is a step towards ensuring environmentally conscious ways for people to move around in the city and reduce our ecological footprint.”

“The new category also aims at expanding Bolts ride options thereby creating more economic opportunities for drivers and providing passengers with more options to choose from.”

Nairobi customers are lucky enough to have the service available but the firm plans to expand it to other counties and cities quite soon. According to Mr Akinnusi, all other services will still be available to customers at the same affordable rates across the 16 urban centres where bolt currently operates.

This move by Bolt will certainly be interesting to see how it contributes to opening a gateway for electric mobility in Kenya where the tech seems to be growing gradually.

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