This Samsung Galaxy S21 Has Been Lying Under Water For 11 Days

samsung galaxy s21
Screenshot From Photo Owl Time Lapse

One of the most underrated features on premium flagship smartphones has to be their waterproof capabilities. There has never been a doubt that Samsung is always careful enough to have its flagship as durable as possible against dust and water. After all, this has been the case for over half a decade at this point. However, that didn’t seem to stop one YouTuber from going to the extreme in testing this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S21. The phone has actually been lying in an aquarium since its release day.

The experiment has been streaming live on Photo Owl Time Lapse channel for 11 days now and still going strong. The experiment might seem bizarre but is one that techies will definitely find intriguing.

One major insight that the undertaking has provided so far is that the stopwatch app built into One UI 3.0 only works up to 99 hours, 59minutes and 59 seconds. In effect, the phone had to be manually reset twice already.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 did issue a “moisture detected” warning on the fifth day, which would suggest that’s the longest it can last. According to SamMobile, the streamer recalls that the screen ended up freezing and began registering incessant ghost touches.

On the 10th day, the owner of the device went on to confirm that the speakers were sounding off after ten days underwater.

Many may find this useless since no one would have their smartphone lying underwater for that long in normal circumstances. But one can admit that it does provide a wide context to the whole waterproof concept. Samsung itself is still fighting a legal battle over its waterproof claims from the days of the Galaxy S7 series.

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