Telegram Surpasses TikTok and Signal To Be The Most Downloaded App


It seems like every week there’s a new leader in the app leaderboard when it comes to downloads. A few months ago, when everything was silent and we wanted home entertainment, TikTok took the show. Now that everyone is talking about security, apps like Signal are taking the cake. Now, in a shock turn of events, Telegram is now the number one most downloaded app in the world.

Telegram Tops Most Downloaded App Charts

Notebook Check, citing data from mobile analyst firmĀ Sensor Tower, reports Telegram is now #1 on a list of most downloaded non-gaming apps, globally. It’s also #1 on Google Play and #4 on the App Store.

most downloaded non-gaming apps globally in january

In December 2020, Sensor Tower placed Telegram at #9 on the same list, with WhatsApp and Instagram holding steady at #3 and #4. They’ve since fallen to #5 and #6, with Signal rising to #3. For the time being, it looks like Telegram is king.

As you can see, it’s pretty much all social media platforms taking the cake. People are following the security agenda, downloading Signal and Telegram. All while also still downloading TikTok to keep their moods up.

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