Signal Adds More WhatsApp-Like Features As The Migration Continues

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Weeks after WhatsApp announced its controversial policy update, users around the world are still trying to jump ship to other platforms that are said to offer more security. Despite this being a headache for Facebook, rival services like Signal are lucky enough to have booming business at the moment.

The app has been receiving an explosion of users for a few weeks, to the point of causing an outage that took a couple of days. Now, Signal is looking to make its interface more interactive and fun with a few updates.

As Android Police reports, Signal is testing features like animated stickers and chat wallpapers for a more welcoming feel.

Both features are currently available now for beta users. Like WhatsApp, chat wallpapers are customisable for each conversation with 21 different options included with the update. Users can also opt to use solid or gradient colours or a photo from their libraries to make things feel a little more personal.

Animated stickers that are already a staple on other apps like Telegram and WhatsApp will also be welcome for users that have started using Signal regularly. On Signal, you’ll have access to a 24-pack of Day by Day stickers with art by Miguel Angel Camprubi.

There’s also a new way to add short “About” blurbs to user profiles. They’ll support emoji and a few sentences, which can be updated several times. In a way, it’ll be like a miniature Twitter feed.

It’s unclear when these beta features will begin rolling out to everyone, or if more are coming, but watch for app updates in the coming weeks.

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